So who are we? We are a couple living in Norwich. Russell has been living in Norfolk and north Suffolk pretty much his whole life. Anisa moved to Norfolk from America in 2017. This difference in perspectives gives us a unique take on the county we love.

Anisa is coming to everything with a fresh pair of eyes and asks ‘what’s that?’ a lot. In turn, Russell gets to see the furniture and surroundings of his life through the eyes of someone coming to the area for the first time.

We cover the obvious things that everyone associates with Norfolk of course, like The BroadsNorfolk’s beachesNorwich, and Cromer crabs, but also the lesser known hidden gems. For instance – did you know St Benet’s Abbey is the only one that Henry VIII never dissolved?

If you’re coming with families, don’t worry, we’ve got that covered too. Russell has two kids and tries to get them out and enjoying the area as much as possible, instead of playing computer games.

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