Guide to the Cromer New Year’s Day Fireworks

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Cromer's New Year Day Fireworks photo taken on January 1 2024 from East Runton Beach

Get ready to be blown away by the magic of the Cromer’s New Year’s Day Fireworks. It’s an annual celebration that paints the seaside town with bursts of colour and pure joy.

If you want to experience this beloved Norfolk tradition, look no further. We’ve gathered all the essential information to ensure you make the most of this dazzling event. Join us as we unveil the insider tips on securing prime viewing spots, navigating parking challenges, and the special nuances that make the fireworks show an extraordinary experience.

Whether you’re a local, a visitor, or a fervent fireworks enthusiast, consider this your exclusive backstage pass to the Cromer celebration that not only illuminates the night sky but also kindles the warmth of community spirit. It’s more than just a show; it’s the perfect way to kick off the new year.

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colourful fireworks over the pier in Cromer Norfolk on New Year's Day
Cromer makes the perfect setting for fireworks on New Year’s Day.

About the Cromer New Year’s Day Fireworks

For over two decades, a cherished Norfolk tradition has involved gathering to witness the spectacular New Year’s Day fireworks display over the Cromer Pier. Titanium Fireworks, renowned for orchestrating the iconic London New Year’s Eve display, is responsible for putting on this free show which lasts approximately 15 minutes, boasts an impressive array of 3000 fireworks, and captivates an audience of around 15,000 spectators.

fireworks in Cromer Norfolk for New Year's Day
This fireworks show also raises money for local charities.

What makes this tradition even more special is its philanthropic aspect – the show is funded through a bucket collection, with the proceeds consistently being donated to local charitable causes each year. Beyond the dazzling fireworks, the celebration typically includes a family fun run and a torchlight parade, adding an extra layer of fun to this longstanding and beloved New Year’s Day tradition in Norfolk.

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white fireworks high over Cromer Pier on 1 January
Watching the fireworks in Cromer has become a New Year tradition in Norfolk.

Our Experience at the 2024 Cromer New Year’s Day Fireworks

Normally, we’re all about cosy New Year’s Days at home, but 2024 had us feeling adventurous. We decided to shake things up and check out the Cromer New Year’s Day Fireworks – and let me tell you, it was a blast!

Fireworks in Cromer for New Year's Day
I was excited to finally see the Cromer Fireworks in person.

To avoid the crowds in Cromer, we headed to East Runton, snagging a spot at the Beach Road car park. We got there early, so we enjoyed a lazy walk on the beach, and then picked out a spot where we would be able to watch the show.

As the sun was setting, more folks started heading to the the beach, but with low tide, we had plenty of space. The fireworks started right on the dot, and from our spot, we had a killer view of the sky lighting up over the pier. The show was mind-blowing, going strong for almost 15 minutes.

You can watch a video of the highlights from the 2024 Cromer New Year’s Day Fireworks here.

fireworks over Cromer Pier on New Year's Day
The fireworks display in Cromer on New Year’s Day is special.

Once it wrapped up, everyone started trickling away. We tried some sneaky back roads to dodge the traffic, but once we got to the A140 we were in the middle of it. And then, rain decided to join the party. We couldn’t complain, we were lucky it held off until after the grand finale.

Sure, we got a bit chilly, did some waiting, and faced the traffic drama, but man, it was worth it! Already planning on making this an annual outing – can’t wait for the next Cromer New Year’s Day Fireworks and all the good times that come with it!

fireworks over the Cromer Pier
We had a fantastic time at the Cromer New Year’s Day Fireworks.

Tips for Going to the Cromer New Year’s Day Fireworks

Heading to the Cromer New Year’s Day Fireworks on 1 January? Here are some tips to make your experience a breeze:

  1. Arrive Early: Beat the crowds and snag a good spot by getting there ahead of time. It tends to get pretty packed. You can join in the Fun Run or Torchlight Parade.
  2. Take Your Time Leaving: Expect traffic, so don’t rush to leave. Instead, use it as an opportunity to enjoy a nice meal in Cromer.
  3. Parking Strategy: Parking spots are like gold dust. If you can’t make it early, consider using public transport to save yourself the parking hassle.
  4. Stay Updated: Follow the Cromer NYD Fireworks Facebook page for the latest info. They share details on parking, timings, and other essential info leading up to the big day.
  5. Dress Appropriately: It’s an outdoor event, so dress for the weather. Keep warm, and consider bringing a waterproof layer just in case.
  6. Beach Watching Tips: If you plan to catch the show from the beach, bring chairs for comfort and a torch for extra visibility.
  7. Be generous if able: The show is free, but donate if you can. The money collected covers the cost of the display and any additional money raised goes to local charities. There will be bucket collectors around Cromer or you can donate online on the Just Giving page here.
white fireworks exploding over the pier in Cromer
It’s definitely worth going to see the Cromer New Year’s Day fireworks.

Best Places to Watch the Cromer New Year’s Day Fireworks

Wondering where to catch the spectacular Cromer New Year’s Day Fireworks? Here’s the lowdown:

Cromer Seafront: The majority of folks opt for Cromer itself, with some choosing the beach (not too close to the pier) for a fantastic view. Others prefer the cliffside, offering a unique perspective.

Jetty Cliff Wheelchair Viewing Area: If you or someone you know requires wheelchair access, the Jetty Cliff has a designated viewing area. It ensures everyone can enjoy the show comfortably.

East Runton Beach: For those who don’t mind a bit more distance from the pyrotechnic action, East Runton Beach is a gem. In 2024, we watched the show from East Runton so we can confirm that it offers a fantastic view. So, if you fancy a more spacious setting and a different vibe, this could be your spot!

Remember, no matter where you choose to watch, the Cromer New Year’s Day Fireworks promise to be a memorable experience.

huge colourful fireworks over Cromer
We had a fantastic view of the fireworks from East Runton Beach.

How to Get to the Cromer New Year’s Day Fireworks

Getting to the Cromer New Year’s Day Fireworks? Well, it’s not exactly a walk in the park, but here’s the lowdown:

Driving: If you’re up for the chaos of driving, brace yourself and try to snag a parking spot by arriving way a few hours before showtime. Besides the usual car parks, some businesses might cut you some slack for the occasion – check the Cromer New Year’s Day Fireworks Page here for the details. They’ve got the insider info on where you can squeeze your car in for the night.

several fireworks in Cromer
This fireworks show will wow you!

Train: Thinking of going by train? Good call, but keep in mind, while Greater Anglia usually adds extra carriages and service from Norwich, you’ll still end up with a 10-minute stroll from the Cromer railway station to the pier. Don’t forget comfy shoes! Oh, and it’s a smart move to book those train tickets in advance – check out the schedule and grab your tickets here.

In all honesty, getting there might be a bit of a hassle, but hey, the fireworks are worth it, right?

several fireworks over the Cromer Pier
The Cromer Fireworks are the perfect way to start out the new year.

Where to Stay in Cromer for the Fireworks

If you’re travelling to Cromer from a distance to catch the fireworks, why not turn it into a delightful getaway by considering an overnight stay? While there are numerous fantastic hotel options available, it’s advisable to secure your booking in advance, especially given the influx of New Year’s visitors to Cromer.

An added perk? You might luck out with a sea-view room, offering the possibility to enjoy the fireworks right from your cosy haven. Check out our top suggestions for places to stay in Cromer to ensure your visit is as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

Cliftonville Hotel

If you’re looking for a touch of luxury during your stay in Cromer, the Cliftonville Hotel is definitely worth checking out. While it’s not right in the town centre, it’s still within walking distance of all the main attractions, and it boasts stunning sea views from every room.

The hotel offers a range of different room types to suit various needs, including dog-friendly, family-friendly, and accessible rooms. The on site restaurant has a refined Edwardian era dining room and features a dynamic menu designed to showcase the best of North Norfolk’s produce.

The Cliftonville Hotel also has free parking for its guests.

Read the reviews on Tripadvisor and check rates and availability here.

Hotel de Paris

The iconic Hotel de Paris is conveniently located right by the pier. It’s almost 200 years old! This 3-star hotel retains many of its original features, including a grand staircase and stained glass windows, but also has modern conveniences like free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and tea/coffee making facilities.

They have 67 en suite rooms, many with a view of the beach and Cromer Pier. You can opt for a family room that sleeps three or one that is wheelchair accessible.

Read the reviews on Tripadvisor and check rates and availability here.

fireworks in Cromer for New Year's Day
Come be a part of this special Norfolk tradition.

Cromer New Year’s Day Fireworks FAQs

What time do the Cromer New Year’s Day Fireworks start?

The exact start time can vary each year (although it is usually around 17:00), so it’s best to check the official Cromer New Year’s Day Fireworks Page for the most up-to-date information.

Is there an entrance fee to watch the fireworks?

No, the Cromer New Year’s Day Fireworks is a free event for spectators to enjoy. No ticket is needed but donations are appreciated.fireworks in Cromer Norfolk

Are there designated parking areas for the Cromer New Year’s Day Fireworks?

The usual car parks are open and some business will also allow special parking for the event. You need to check the official Cromer New Year’s Day Fireworks Page for the details and plan to arrive early.

Can I bring my own fireworks or sparklers to the Cromer New Year’s Day Fireworks?

No, for safety reasons, personal fireworks and sparklers are not allowed at the Cromer New Year’s Day Fireworks.

Is there food and drink available for purchase?

Most Cromer businesses will be open. Our favourite spot for a quick bite close to the pier is No 1 Cromer.

Is there seating available, or should I bring my own chairs or blankets?

Seating is extremely limited, so it’s a good idea to bring your own chairs or blankets for comfort, especially if you plan to watch from the beach.

Can I watch the fireworks from anywhere in Cromer?

The fireworks are visible from various locations in Cromer, including the beach, cliffside, and other elevated spots.

Is the Cromer New Year’s Day Fireworks accessible for individuals with disabilities?

Yes, there is a designated wheelchair viewing area on Jetty Cliff to accommodate individuals with disabilities.

Can I bring my dog to the event?

In general, it’s not a good idea to bring dogs to the fireworks. They may be bothered by the fireworks and run off.

What happens in case of bad weather?

In most cases the show will go on, but it’s best to check the official Cromer New Year’s Day Fireworks Page for the latest information.

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