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close up of chocolate brownie with whipped cream on the side from biddys tea room in Norwich

Ever wandered through the Norwich Lanes and caught a glimpse of Biddy’s Tea Room and wondered what treasures lie beyond its doors? You can find out all the details about it in our review of Biddy’s Tea Room in Norwich.

Come along as we step into this cosy Victorian-inspired tea house to experience their unique take on afternoon tea.

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About Biddy’s Tearoom

view of one of the windows of Biddy's tea room in Norwich, you can see plants inside
Biddy’s Tea Room fits in perfectly with the independent businesses you find in the Norwich Lanes.

Biddy’s stands out as a charming, independent tea house in Norfolk, drawing inspiration from the Victorian era and named in honour of the owner’s beloved dog. Committed to offering a distinctive experience, Biddy’s guests are invited to indulge in their choice of food and drink from their impressive selection of tea blends, full-size sandwiches, scones, and delectable homemade cakes.

Driven by a small yet dedicated team, Biddy’s values a passion for tea, love for cake, and a commitment to friendly service. Despite their modest space, they compensate with generous portion sizes, specializing in serving a unique British Afternoon Tea.

The first location was established in 2010 in the heart of the Norwich Lanes. Later they expanded with a branch in the market town of Aylsham, where the tea house is not only welcoming to tea enthusiasts but also to four-legged companions (i.e. dogs).

exterior of biddy's with people sitting at tables enjoying their food
On a nice day, you can enjoy your treats from Biddy’s outside.

Afternoon Tea Options at Biddy’s

At Biddy’s, the tradition of afternoon tea takes on a delightful twist. Here, you won’t find dainty finger sandwiches or mini pastries; everything served is full size, ensuring that guests leave fully satisfied. While the variety on your plate may not be as extensive as some other establishments, rest assured, you won’t be leaving hungry!

two three-tiered trays full of food for our afternoon teas at Biddys
It’s not your typical afternoon tea menu, but you still get plenty of food.

For those eager to experience the charm of afternoon tea at Biddy’s, there are several enticing options to choose from:

  1. Afternoon Tea: Customize your experience by selecting your preferred sandwich, scone, and cake, all accompanied by a choice of tea or coffee.
  2. High Tea: Catering to those with a savoury inclination, opt for a sandwich paired with a hearty cheese scone, accompanied by a cheeseboard and pickles, complemented with tea or coffee.
  3. Sweet Tea: Indulge your sweet tooth with a selection featuring sponge cake, traybake, and scone, served alongside your choice of coffee or tea.
  4. Hafternoon Tea: Designed with younger guests in mind, this option includes a child-friendly sandwich along with a scone or cake, accompanied by juice or a babyccino.

Each of these tantalizing options is elegantly presented on a three-tiered tray just like a traditional afternoon tea. Additionally, guests have the flexibility to order items a la carte, ensuring a truly personalised and satisfying tea time at Biddy’s.

Drinks at Biddy’s

At Biddy’s, the impressive drinks menu spans from classic favourites to inventive delights, there’s something to tantalise every palate. From comforting cups of coffee and rich hot chocolate to extravagant freak shakes and refreshing ice teas, Biddy’s caters to every taste preference.

tea pot with tea cup and saucer on a table at biddys team room
We both enjoyed the teas we had at Biddy’s.

One of the highlights of their beverage offerings is their extensive tea menu. While they offer all the beloved classics, Biddy’s also invites guests to explore more exotic flavours such as almond tea, black cherry, or liquorice root.

During our visit, I opted for the Norfolk lavender tea, while Russell, chose the bold and smoky Lapsang Souchong. Both teas were served in exquisite tea sets, adding a touch of elegance to our experience.

The Norfolk lavender tea left a lasting impression. Its sweet aroma was inviting, yet the flavour was delicately balanced, not overpowering. Sipping it was a truly relaxing experience.

For those who wish to bring a piece of Biddy’s charm home, select loose leaf teas are available for purchase. Unfortunately, during my visit, the Norfolk lavender tea was unavailable for sale due to its popularity.

Food at Biddy’s

At Biddy’s, you get to enjoy only the generous portions and diverse menu along with some thoughtful touches. Since there are so many options, everyone’s afternoon tea will be different.

close up of the ham sandwich from biddy's tea room in norwich
Ham and brie are such a lovely combination.

We decided to mix and match our sandwiches, opting for coronation chicken and ham with chili jam and brie. Served alongside a small salad, each sandwich was bursting with flavour, but the coronation chicken stood out with its perfect blend of sweetness and spice.

close up of the biddy's coronation chicken sandwich
This was one of the best coronation chicken sandwiches I have had.

Moving on to the scones, we both chose the spiced variety, which offered a warm and inviting taste that hardly needed any accompaniment. I ended up eating my scone with just a little bit of clotted cream.

close up of the spiced scone from Biddy's with clotted cream and jam on a plate
The scone has such a nice flavour to it.

Finally, for dessert, I treated myself to the double chocolate brownie, while Russell indulged in the Bakewell tart. The brownie was incredibly rich and satisfying, while the Bakewell tart brought back fond memories of our visit to Bakewell.

overhead shot of the brownie from biddy's
The brownie was quite rich but oh so good.

Atmosphere and Service at Biddy’s

Entering Biddy’s was like stepping into a time capsule, whisking us away to a charming Victorian-era tea house. The dimmed lights added to the intimate atmosphere, lending a touch of romance to our dining experience.

our table in the corner at biddy's tea room
It’s a cosy and quirky atmosphere at Biddy’s.

The service at Biddy’s was warm and welcoming, with a friendly demeanour that made us feel right at home. We never felt rushed, so we could enjoy each moment of our meal at a leisurely pace.

Overall Review of Biddy’s Afternoon Tea

Biddy’s offers a unique twist on the classic afternoon tea, prioritizing quality and ample servings over a wide selection. While your tiered-tray may not boast an extensive array of treats, they compensate with hearty portions and delectable flavours.

one of the three tiered trays for afternoon tea at Biddys
We will definitely be back to have another afternoon tea at Biddy’s.

What sets them apart is the diversity within their offerings; there’s something to please every palate, and each choice is simply delicious. The flexibility to mix and match dishes adds to the appeal, making it ideal for sharing with friends and exploring a variety of food together. At Biddy’s, the dining experience is entirely in your hands.

FAQS for Biddy’s Afternoon Tea

What is included in Biddy’s afternoon tea?

Biddy’s afternoon tea typically includes a full size sandwich, large scone with clotted cream and jam, and a big piece of cake or pastry. The specific items will vary depending on the options chosen.

Do I need to make a reservation for afternoon tea at Biddy’s?

It’s highly recommended to make a reservation, especially during peak hours or weekends, to ensure availability and avoid disappointment. Walk-ins may be accommodated based on availability, but reservations are preferred.

Can dietary restrictions or preferences be accommodated?

Yes, Biddy’s can usually accommodate dietary restrictions or preferences with 48 hours advance notice. Please email with your request.

two cakes on the counter at Biddy's
I can’t wait to try more of the cakes at Biddy’s.

Can children join for afternoon tea at Biddy’s?

Yes, children are welcome to join for afternoon tea at Biddy’s. They can order the Halfternoon tea which may be better for their smaller appetite.

Where is the Biddy’s location in Norwich?

You will find Biddy’s on Lower Goat Lane in Norwich city centre.

Is there parking available near Biddy’s Tea Room in Norwich?

You can park in either the St. Andrews or St. Giles multi-story car parks. Both are about a 3-minute walk away.

What is the cancellation policy for afternoon tea reservations?

Biddy’s Tea Room asks that you give 24 hours notice if possible so that your table can be rebooked. If you cancel your table within 4 hours of your reservation or fail to show you may be charged £5 per person.

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