Places to Go Apple Picking in Norfolk

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freshly picked apples in a basket in Norfolk

Looking to indulge in the delightful experience of apple picking in Norfolk this autumn? You’re in for a treat, as I’ve got all the details on the prime orchards where you can pluck those crisp, juicy apples right from the trees.

Prepare to embrace the orchard ambiance, don your sun hat, and set out to one (or more) of these destinations for apple picking in Norfolk.

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Where to Go Apple Picking in Norfolk

Are you someone who can’t resist the allure of biting into a freshly plucked, sun-kissed apple? Well, you’re in for a real treat, as Norfolk offers a selection of picturesque orchards where you can hand-pick your very own crisp, succulent apples.

Allow me to reveal the top destinations for apple picking in Norfolk. Just remember to double-check their opening hours and apple availability before planning your visit.

If you need ideas for recipes that will use some of the apples you have picked, check out this cookbook dedicated to apple dishes.


Step into a royal apple-picking adventure at Sandringham, the cherished countryside retreat of King Charles III and home to the Royal Family’s Christmas celebrations. This historic estate is not only steeped in regal tradition but also boasts the bountiful Sandringham Orchards, a testament to its rich agricultural heritage.

Originally established by King George VI in the 1930s, these orchards now serve as the source for Sandringham Apple Juice, a tasty beverage produced right here on the estate. You can also pick your own apples from the orchard and you don’t even need to book in advance.

Simply follow the blue PYO Apples signs, thoughtfully posted along both the A149 and the A148. The orchards typically open their gates for around two weeks, starting around the middle of September.

If you happen to miss this seasonal delight, fear not! You can still enjoy the essence of Sandringham’s apples by indulging in their exquisite apple juice, available for purchase at the Sandringham Shop. Whether you partake in the hands-on apple-picking or opt for the delightful juice, Sandringham promises a taste of royalty that’s not to be missed.

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Drove Orchards

Set in scenic Thornham in North Norfolk, Drove Orchards is a place where the apple takes centre stage in everything they do. Their orchards provide an array of fresh fruit when the season is right, and serve as the source for the delectable apple juice and cider that keeps them going throughout the year.

Drove Orchards is also a haven for all things locally crafted and passionately produced. Surrounded by a community of dedicated food artisans, Drove Orchards proudly collaborates with these passionate producers.

Their shelves are adorned with an extensive selection of locally sourced goods, from the freshest fruits and vegetables to the finest meats and cheeses, from artisanal jams, pickles, and chutneys to mouthwatering cakes and biscuits. Even staples like eggs, breads, flours, and oils, as well as an array of delightful beers, wines, and gins, find their place in this culinary treasure trove.

While they do offer coffees, olives, and bananas (a tad challenging to cultivate in the East Anglian climate), Drove Orchards firmly believes in the value of sourcing products locally whenever possible, as long as the quality remains exceptional.

The real charm in visiting Drove Orchards lies in the hands-on experience of picking your own fruit on a sun-kissed day, amidst the scent of ripening fruits and the vast expanse of North Norfolk’s skies above.

Picture yourself on an early autumn day, celebrating the harvest of early apple varieties. The sweet fragrance of Discovery apples fills the air as you wander past, plucking these delectable treasures straight from the tree.

Visitors to Drove Orchards have the delightful opportunity to hand-pick their own apples, pears, plums, and gages when the season is right. From the lush orchards to the bountiful soft fruit beds, you can gather black, white, and red currants, as well as jostaberries.

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Hillfield Nursery & Farm Shop

In the serene Norfolk countryside, Hillfield Nursery offers a unique and special destination for plant enthusiasts. You can find charming bedding plants to grand, majestic shrubs and trees that have the power to transform any outdoor space into a breathtaking garden.

While Hillfield is celebrated for its year-round botanical delights, it truly comes alive during the famed Pick Your Own (PYO) season. This annual extravaganza invites visitors to enjoy the nursery’s fields and orchards, where a diverse array of fruits beckons to be harvested. Among the fruit treasures, you may discover rare and unusual species that pique your curiosity—a delightful opportunity to try something new!

Hillfield’s orchards are a treasure trove of apple varieties, boasting an impressive collection of over 250 varieties. The excitement of the PYO apple season kicks off in August, with the main crop ready for harvesting between mid-September and mid-October.

For those eager to delve deeper into the world of apples, Hillfield occasionally arranges guided walks through the orchards. Led by experts, these informative excursions provide valuable insights into these remarkable fruits. Keep an eye on their Facebook page here to ensure you don’t miss these.

In addition to apple picking, Hillfield Nursery offers an apple juicing service. Their modern apple processing facility allows you to have your own apples pressed into juice, reducing waste and giving you the satisfaction of enjoying the fruits of your labour. The process is efficient and ensures maximum juice extraction.

To top off your visit, make sure to explore the farm shop, a veritable treasure trove of local and homemade products. From artisanal goodies to regional delicacies, you’ll find an enticing selection that perfectly complements your Hillfield experience. You can find Hillfield Nursery tucked away down a quaint lane off the B1136 between Hales and Haddiscoe.

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Other PYO Opportunities in Norfolk

If you’re a fan of apple picking, don’t miss out on other pick-your-own opportunities in Norfolk. Consider visiting one of the pumpkin patches for the experience of choosing the perfect pumpkin amidst the fields, even if you don’t pick them off the vine yourself.

And when the summer months roll in, don’t forget the joy of picking your own strawberries. These sun-ripened gems are a cut above anything you’ll find in a supermarket, offering a flavour-packed taste of Norfolk’s freshest produce.

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