Review: Peaceophobia at Norfork & Norwich Festival 2022

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The Rose Lane Car Park has been transformed into a theatre hosting Peaceophobia as part of the 2022 Norfolk & Norwich Festival. The show tackles the heavy topic of racism and aims to change perceptions of Muslim men.

If you are curious to see how a car-meet mixed with live theatre works, keep reading for our review of Peaceophobia.

*We were invited to see the show so that we could share our experience with our readers. 

About Peaceophobia

In Peaceophobia, you learn about the racism that Muslim men face on a daily basis. Three men share distressing examples of uncomfortable situations (like those with police and customs officials) along with general stereotypes (like being mistaken for drug dealers) they face, while showcasing their passion for modified cars.

The idea for the show came from a car rally held in Bradford’s city centre, where motor enthusiasts of all backgrounds met and talked about their shared pride.

The show stars three Pakistani men –  Ali, Sohail and Casper – and their cars – a Supra, a Golf and a classic Nova. The cinematic lighting and original electronic sound score also play a significant role in the production.

Peaceophobia was co-directed by women from Speakers Corner Collective and award-winning theatre company Common Wealth. It was co-written by acclaimed playwright Zia Ahmed and Bradford Modified Club. Fuel also collaborated on the project.

peaceophobia - three men with cars in car park
See live theatre in a car park with Peaceophobia.
Photo credit: Karol Wyszynski

Peaceophobia Review

The idea of doing this show in a car park is brilliant. While I may not be a car enthusiast, I can appreciate the art of an automobile. It’s quite a thrilling start to the play when the actors drive their cars onto the stage right in front of you.

Peaceophobia touches on themes that are important and timely, yet not talked about enough. Sometimes racism against Muslim men is overshadowed by racism against Black men.

The stories the actors tell are personal and real. While the subject of the show is serious, they were able to squeeze in a few laughs which helped to lighten the mood.

The actors weren’t the only ones talking during the play, the cars had a few things to say. They reminded us of some of the key events that have got us to this point like the Bradford Riots, 9/11, and the London Undeground bombing. 

The music is a big part of the show too. The audience got into the music and at times were moving along to the beat in their seats. The actors showed off their dance moves too.

It wasn’t just the music that got the audience involved. The actors did interact with the audience several times throughout the show.

The lighting also added to the drama of the show. Sometimes they used the headlights of the cars but there were also other lights like you might see at a concert.

The audience gave the show a well-deserved resounding oviation. It’s a powerful play that definitely gives you some food for thought.

Unfortunately, racism is still happening today. We need to keep educating people and doing what we can to call it out.

Peaceophobia FAQs

Do you need tickets for Peaceophobia?

Yes. At the time of writing, only limited tickets are remaining for the rest of the shows. They cost £7.50 to £17.00 and can be purchased here.

Is there seating for Peaceophobia?

Yes and it is open seating.

How long is Peaceophobia?

The show is approximately one hour long.

Where inside the Rose Lane Car Park do they have the performance?

Peaceophobia is performed on Level 3. When you arrive at the front of Rose Lane Car Park you will be directed to the roof (Level 4) where there is the Sisterhood exhibition. You walk through the exhibition to the area where the show takes place.

Is Peaceophobia suitable for kids?

The show is aimed at adults, it is suitable for kids ages 12 and up. There is some explicit language. If you are looking to entertain the kids, check out our recommendations for things to do with kids in Norwich.

Is the Rose Lane Car Park open for parking?

Yes, you can still park on the lower floors.

Is there food and drink available at Peaceophobia?

No, but you could visit the Rooftop Gardens for drinks and/or food before or after the show. It’s located in the Union Building at 51-59 Rose Lane.

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