Raveningham Sculpture Trail 2021 Review

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close up of the artwork by laure van minden at 2021 raveningham sculpture trail

After enjoying the Raveningham Sculpture Trail in 2020 and Raveningham Woodland Lumiere earlier in 2021, we were excited to go to the 2021 edition of the Raveningham Sculpture Trail.

Let me share our experience at the 2021 Raveningham Sculpture Trail, so that you can know what to expect for the next trail.

horizon totems by sarah rooms heaphy
These ceramic totems by Sarah Rooms Heaphy are inspired by the ever chaning horizon.

About the Raveningham Sculpture Trail

For the 5th year in a row, the gardens at the Raveningham Centre are home to a sculpture trail. Over 60 artists and musicians from around the UK have created pieces that show the importance of safe places, shelters, homes, nests, spaces, and spiritual and natural havens.

If you enjoy art, you might also want to check out the GoGoDiscover T-Rex Sculpture Trail in Norwich, also happening summer 2021.

Emmaus and Leigh Dyer work called home
This house encased in an apple tree leaf represents the sense of home at All Hallows Convent where the Emmaus Charity is based.

Our Visit to the Raveningham Sculpture Trail

We went to see the Raveningham Sculpture Trail on a Sunday afternoon. When we left Norwich, the skies looked like it might start raining any minute, but we hoped for the best. (Luckily the rain held off during our visit.)

When we arrived the car park was almost full, so we grabbed one of the spaces towards the end. We walked past the Ravenous Cafe to the ticket booth to check in. There was one party in front of us, but it didn’t take long to check in.

ian gill work at raveningham sculpture trail
This metal sculpture by Ian Gill is inspired by the combination of organic and industrial forms.

They gave us each a little booklet that had information about each piece of art along with a map. In addition to the map, there are numbered white posts (with artist’s names) that mark the area to find the artwork. The white posts help define the curvy route and help you find some of the artwork that is a bit hidden.

There are 57 marked spots, many of which have multiple pieces of art, plus the gallery to see. The sculptures on the trail were diverse, with a wide range of styles, materials, sizes, and subjects. We recognized the style of some of the artists that we had seen in last year’s sculpture trail. There’s something for everyone no matter what type of art they enjoy.

marsh pony fire sculpture collaboration
The Marsh Pony Fire Sculpture was created through a collaboration of several artists and also has music.

A few of the installations also had sound to complete the experience. There were a couple where you could contribute by writing a name or your thoughts. A handful of pieces were interactive and you could go inside them. One even had hammocks that you could lay in.

At the end, you are supposed to vote for your favourite piece of art. The artist with the most votes will win a prize. It was not easy to choose one. I voted for #14 Andy Jarrett because his works captured the subjects so perfectly. Russell voted for #10 Laure Van Minden because it was a moving piece about dementia. Our youngest also choose #10, while our oldest liked #21 Nick Ball’s VHS Shed.

work by Andy Jarrett from raveningham sculpture trail
It was hard to choose one favourite, but I went with Andy Jarrett.

Raveningham Sculpture Trail Review

We had high expectations for the Raveningham Sculpture Trail given our experience with past events at the Raveningham Centre. Still, we were impressed with what we saw at the 2021 Raveningham Sculpture Trail.

While there were other people on the trail, it never felt crowded. We had plenty of time to appreciate the artwork. It’s nice that there are several spots where you can sit and give your feet a break too.

crochet artwork by Kally Davidson
We recognized Kally Davidson’s wok from previous events.

The theme of safe places was timely, given that we are still in the middle of a pandemic. It was interesting to see the different interpretations by the artists. Some pieces were thought-provoking while others were just pretty to look at.

There were many creative and visually appealing works of art. While we have enjoyed all the events we have attended at the Raveningham Centre, this one was our favourite. It will be interesting to see how the team behind these artistic events tops this one!

ruth brumby work from raveningham sculpture trail
This piece by Ruth Brumby is poignant given all that we have gone through.

Raveningham Sculpture Trail FAQs

When is the 2023 Raveningham Sculpture Trail?

The Raveningham Sculpture Trail is open daily (10:00 to 17:00) from 19 July 2021 to 3 September 2023.

Is the Raveningham Sculpture Trail good for kids?

Yes. Some of the artwork is interactive and the setting is relaxed, so it’s a good opportunity to introduce children to art.work by kate reynolds

How long does it take to visit the Raveningham Sculpture Trail?

You will need at least an hour to complete the trail as there are about 60 different installations. It took us a little more than an hour.

How do you get tickets for the Raveningham Sculpture Trail?

You need to make a reservation for a specific entry time slot in advance here for £7. It covers the entry for one adult and is non-refundable. This reservation is good for up to six people. You just pay for the additional adults when you arrive. They do accept credit cards.bird alphabet boxes by jim racine

How do you get to the Raveningham Sculpture Trail?

The sculpture trail takes place at the Raveningham Centre. Use the post code is NR14 6NU. There are bright yellow signs to help you find your way. It’s less than a 30-minute drive from the Norwich city centre.

Are there toilets at the Raveningham Sculpture Trail at the Raveningham Centre?

Yes, by the car park.ceramic ferns by heather griffiths

Is there food at Raveningham Centre?

The Ravenous Cafe is open from 10:00 – 16:00. They have a special menu for the sculpture trail and covered outdoor seating.

Are dogs allowed at the Raveningham Sculpture Trail?

Yes, if they are well-behaved and kept on a lead. Be sure to pick up after them.James Barrett Nobbs work from raveningham sculpture trail

Is there a charge for parking at the Raveningham Sculpture Trail?

Parking is available at the Raveningham Centre for free.

Is photography allowed at the the Raveningham Sculpture Trail?

Yes. There are no restrictions on photography.

Is the the Raveningham Sculpture Trail worth it?

Yes. Raveningham Sculpture Trail is a good value when you take into account there are more than 60 pieces of art and kids are free. work by Lorraine Crowe and Dawny Christien - white figures climbing a mountain

Is the 2021 Raveningham Sculpture Trail Covid-Secure?

Yes. Reservations are required so the trail won’t get too crowded. Most of the artwork is outside. They do ask that you wear a mask when you go inside the gallery or the Microkino.

Is the Raveningham Sculpture Trail accessible?

While there are no steps, the ground is uneven in places. A mobility scooter is available, you need to ask about it at the box office. Mark Croxford work at raveningham sculpture trail

Can you purchase the artwork from the Raveningham Sculpture Trail?

Some of the artwork is available for sale (price is noted in the booklet) and some artists can be commissioned. If you are interested, please enquire at the box office.

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