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2021 Norwich GoGoDiscover T-Rex Sculpture Trail

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close up of the face of prideasaurus

With part of Norfolk nicknamed the Deep History Coast and Dippy visiting Norwich Cathedral, it’s only fitting that there is a T-Rex Sculpture Trail in Norwich. If you are interested in dinosaurs or art, you will have a great time searching for the sculptures around the Norwich city centre.

Keep reading for all the information you need to know about the 2021 Norwich GoGoDiscover T-Rex Sculpture Trail.

*If you want to learn more about the 2022 Trail, check out our post about the Norfolk GoGoDiscover T-Rex and Steppe Mammoth Trail.

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prideasaurus in front of the forum in Norwich
Can you spot the dinosaur in front of the forum in Norwich?

About GoGoDiscover Sculpture Trails

GoGoDiscover Sculpture Trails are the result of a collaboration between Wild in Art and the charity Break. Break works to change the lives of young people across East Anglia by offering support for young people in care and moving on, children and young people with disabilities, families in need, and children at risk. 

The project aims to connect businesses, artists, and communities through the power of creativity. The art trails improve quality of life of Norwich and provide a platform for amateur and professional artists to showcase their work. It also encourages explorers of all ages to have fun experiencing art in a non-traditional setting and learn more about Norwich, while also raising vital money for vulnerable children and young people across the region.

The T-Rexes are the fourth GoGoDiscover Sculpture trail in Norwich. Previously, there have been gorillas, dragons, and hares.

*Kids will love this sculpture trail. If you need more ideas to entertain the kids, check out our recommendations for the best things to do in Norwich with kids.

t-pot standing in front of chantry place
One of the sculptures is right outside Chantry Place.

The GoGoDiscover T-Rex Trail

The 2021 GoGoDiscover trail features 21 individually designed T-rex sculptures to coincide with Dippy’s visit to Norwich Cathedral. These dinosaurs will be around the streets of Norwich from Monday 12th July until Saturday 11th September 2021. You can download a map of the trail here.

These T-rexes will return to Norwich in 2022 (but in different locations) along more T-rexes in the city centre. There will also be Steppe Mammoth sculptures around the county to celebrate the Deep History Coast and Norfolk being home to the discovery of the largest and oldest mammoth ever found in Britain.

While the trail is free, if you enjoyed the sculptures, you can donate to Break via text or on the website. Text TREX to 70085 to donate £3. Texts cost £3, plus one standard rate message.

While there are no prizes for completing the trail, you will want to see them all as each one is unique. Let me share more details about the T-rexes on the 2021 GoGoDiscover Trail in Norwich. I’m curious to find out which one is your favourite.

*Note: Numbers correspond to the GoGoDiscover map and the what3words refer to the coordinates from the app.

#1 Prideasauras

prideasaurus from the gogodiscover trex trail in norwich
Prideasaurus is sponsored by Norwich BID and designed by local artist Martin Wall.

You may have seen this Tyrannosaurus-Rex sculpture when it unveiled at Chantry Place on 15th May in celebration of National Dinosaur Day. This dazzling rainbow dinosaur features 50,000 colourful sparkling gems that were all applied by hand. While rainbows have come to known as a symbol of support for the NHS, given its name, this sculpture is for LGBTQ+ community.

You can find it just outside the Forum.

What3Words: ///judge.fuel.lift

#2 B-Rex

b-rex from the gogodiscover trex trail in norwich
B-Rex is sponsored by The Beeston Group and designed by Illona Clark.

The first thing that caught my eye on this sculpture was the sunflower. Then, I noticed the bees and realized that’s where it gets its name. The honeycomb on the head and tail was a creative way to make the skin look rough and keep within the theme.

You can find it just outside the Forum on Theatre Street.

What3Words: ///music.noon.valve

#3 T.Pot

t-pot from the gogodiscover trex trail in norwich
T-Pot is sponsored by Broadbank Community Fund and the artist is Deven Bhurke.

This Tyrannosaurus has a handle on its back and a lid as a hat to make it look like a teapot. The bright polka-dotted pattern and long eyelashes make me think this one is a female dinosaur.

You can find it just outside the Chantry Place Shopping Centre near Wagamama.

What3Words: ///bunk.sofa.down

#4 Afternoon Tea-Rex

afternoon tea-rex from the gogodiscover trex trail in norwich
Afternoon Tea- Rex is sponsored by Chantry Place and the artist is Mik Richardson from Aylsham.

I’ve never seen a server balance a three-tiered tray with afternoon treats on it’s head, but Afternoon Tea-Rex has it all under control. Of course, you can’t have an afternoon tea, without tea, so it also has a tray with teapots and cups. This T-rex has an outfit that matches the tea towel and a cherry on its back. On its thigh there is an interesting painting of a volcano with teapots pouring out their tea.

You can find it just in Chantry Place’s dining terrace (top level).

What3Words: ///lines.jars.pram

#5 T-Wrecks

t-wrecks from the gogodiscover trex trail in norwich
T-Wrecks is sponsored by Dolphins Auto Norwich and created by the artist Ross White.

Behind a plastic cage and warning signs, you can see T-Wrecks. With its turquoise eyes, it looks like it is possessed and dangerous. It gives the impression of being a robot or some sort of machine with all the chains and metal on it.

You can find it on the lower level (Ground Level if you enter from St. Stephen’s Street) of Chantry Place near Boots.

What3Words: ///recall.vocal.dream

#6 Hawker

hawker from the gogodiscover trex trail in norwich
Hawker is sponsored by Cooks Blinds and Shutters and Lisa Kirkham is the artist.

This sculpture plays tribute to the dragonflies and damselflies that you will spot all around Norfolk. There are several painted on its body and even one on its tongue. Its tail is covered with lily pads and its face and front legs have flag irises.

You can find it on All Saints Green close to Ber Street.

What3Words: ///booth.aware.feels

#7 Doctorasaurus

doctorasaurus from the gogo discover trex trail in norwich
Doctorasaurus is sponsored by Contract Personnel Limited and the artist is Hilary Sanderson.

After all that the NHS has done for us (especially during the pandemic), it’s fitting that one of the T-rexes is a doctor. A rainbow with the words “Thank You” is painted on the pocket, which holds gel and a facemask. The toenails are also rainbow colours.

You can find this T-rex on All Saints Green, close to the Albrow & Sons Jewelry Store.

What3Words: ///firmly.offer.loose

#8 Hulkasaurus

hulkasaurus from the gogodiscover trex trail in norwich
Hulkasaurus is sponsored by Ashton’s Legal and is also designed by artist, Hilary Sanderson.

The Incredible Hulk is a Marvel comic book character that is a green-skinned muscular humanoid that is the alter ego of Dr. Robert Bruce Banner. The Tyrannosaurus-Rex version may not look as mean, but it still has the ripped purple shorts.

You can find this T-rex on Haymarket, not too far from Primark.

What3Words: ///retail.later.stiff

#9 60 Million Years

60 million years from the gogodiscover trex trail in norwich
60 Million Years is sponsored by The Friends of Iceni Collective and the artist is Mik Richardson.

You’ll want to make sure to see 60 Million Years from both sides. One side is the skeleton of a T-Rex while the other is a robot version. It shows the progress that has happened over time.

You can find it on Orford Hill close to Red Lion Street.

What3Words: ///wiping.sake.zealous

#10 Tigrasaurus

tigrasaurus from the gogodiscover trex trail in norwich
Tigrasaurus is sponsored by Chilled Driving Tuition and the artist is Tory Allen.

The distinctive pattern of a tiger is visible on Tigrasaurus, but it’s not the traditional colours. It’s pastel with a bit of silver and lots of sparkles. the eyes and teeth have a bit of a gold shine.

You can find it inside Castle Quarter (formerly known as Castle Mall) on Level 2, near the Entertainer Toy Store by the Castle Meadow Entrance.

What3Words: ///alert.comb.vine

#11 SNAP!

snap! from the gogodiscover trex trail in norwich
SNAP! is sponsored by Castle Quarter and made by the artist Sophie Li-Rocchi.

This T-Rex gets its name from the snapdragon used at annual Guild Day procession and painted in the mural on Red Lion Street (get more information about the street art in Norwich here). It is also wearing an “I heart Norwich” shirt.

You can find it inside Castle Quarter (formerly known as Castle Mall) on Level 1 (lower level) by the Pure Gym.

What3Words: ///waddle.audit.grew

#12 Dino Hunter

dino hunter from the gogodiscover trex trail in norwich
Dino Hunter is sponsored by First Eastern Counties Buses. This T-Rex is also done by Sophie Li-Rocchi.

This T-Rex seems to be a mix of a tourist and someone on the search for dinosaurs or maybe just a dinosaur hunter in the city-centre. It has fossil hunting tools, a Norwich bus map, camera, binoculars, and more.

You can find it on Davey Place by the Dr. Martens store.

What3Words: ///wires.artist.index

#13 Lava Land

lava land from the gogodiscover sculpture trail in Norwich
Lava Land is sponsored by Dipples and the artist is Hannah Nelson.

This T-Rex sparkles and almost glows with colourful lava. You can see the volcano on its back and lava all over the lower section. The top part is dark so the sparkles look like stars.

You can find it on London Street by the Ivy Restaurant.

What3Words: ///bats.cars.meant

#14 Rex

Rex from the gogodiscover trex trail in norwich
Rex is sponsored by Jarrods and Sally Adams is the artist.

If you were to cross a dog with a T-rex, then you would get something looking like Rex. He looks content with a large bone in his mouth and stylish with his bright red collar.

You can find it inside Jarrold’s on the 3rd Floor in the toy section.

What3Words: ///lofts.stored.softly

#15 The Junkasaurus Rex

junkasaurus from the gogodiscover trex trail in norwich
Junkasaurus Rex is sponsored by the Junkyard Market and created by the Junkyard Market Crew.

This sculpture looks like what you would expect a T-rex to look like until you get closer. Then you can see that it is covered with tyres which provides an interesting almost scale like texture for the skin.

You can find it by the Junkyard Market at St. Mary’s Works.

What3Words: ///punchy.ranged.dice

#16 Do you think they saurus?

do you think they saurus? from the gogodiscover trex trail in norwich
Do you think they saurus? is sponsored by Lanpro and the artist is Fiona Gowen.

Covered in camouflage, it makes sense that this sculpture is called Do you think they saurus. Take a closer look and you will notice that the camouflage is made up of different dinosaur shapes.

You can find it on George’s Street near Friars Quay.

What3Words: ///shirt.lush.song

#17 Eyela the T.Specs

eyela the t-specs from the gogodiscover trex trail in norwich
Eyela the T.Specs is sponsored by Coleman’s Optician Hearing & Vision Centre and was done by Beverley Gene Coraldean.

You might guess from the name of this sculpture that it has an eye doctor theme. There is a lot of detail and many rainbows, so look closely and you can see eyeglasses, an eye chart, and other equipment you might see at an optician.

You can find it on the Fye Bridge.

What3Words: ///ports.leap.arts

#18 Automotosaurus

automotosaurus from the gogodiscover trex trail in norwich
Automotosaurus is sponsored by Wilco Fast-Fit and the artist is Joanne Botterill.

This T-Rex also has a robotic theme with bold colours. It has gears painted on that look like they might have come from a car, but also double as the dinosaurs bones.

You can find it on Bishop’s Bridge.

What3Words: ///cloud.shares.curvy

#19 Where’s Rexy?

wheres rexy from gogodiscover trex trail
Where’s Rexy is sponsored by Riverside Entertainment and done by the artist Ryan Newell.

If you look closely, you can find Rexy on this sculpture. It’s a play on Where’s Wally, the children’s puzzle books, with a brightly-coloured tropical theme with palm trees. Also, don’t miss the eyes which have pterodactyls as its pupils.

You can find it in the Riverside area by the Lady Julian Bridge.

What3Words: ///toxic.couch.origin

#20 Lost Holmes

lost holmes from the gogodiscover trex trail in norwich
Lost Holmes is sponsored by Aspiration Europe and designed by Sally Adams, who created the stainless-steel dragonfly at How Hill.

When you take inspiration from Arthur Conan-Doyle, ‘Lost Worlds’ and ‘Sherlock’, you get something like Lost Holmes. He has a cute deerstalker cap and a magnifying glass that actually works. Be sure to also read some of the quotes written on this T-Rex.

You can find it in the Lower Close of the Cathedral.

What3Words: ///bucks.gates.soils

#21 Tyra-Norvy Saurus

tyra-norvy saurus from the gogodiscover trex trail in norwich
Tyra-Norvy Saurus is sponsored and designed by the Norwich School.

Standing proud just inside the Erpingham Gate, the T-Rex is covered in things that you might find around the Cathedral Close. Kids will enjoy spotting the items mixed in with the greenery painted on the sculpture.

You can find it in the Upper Close of the Norwich Cathedral.

What3Words: ///roof.each.assets

If you enjoyed these sculptures, be sure to also check out our guide to Banksy’s murals in Norfolk.

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