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Review: The Birds and the Bees at Norwich Playhouse

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earl and gail having a spirited discussion in gails bedroom in the birds and the bees at Norwich Playhouse

You may have used the birds and the bees to explain to children where babies come from or maybe that’s how you learned yourself. Now there is a new comedy play at the Norwich Playhouse called “The Birds and the Bees.”

It’s a story about a beekeeper and turkey farmer and navigating life after divorce. Let me share more about the play (don’t worry no spoilers) and our review of The Birds and the Bees at Norwich Playhouse.

*We were invited to the press night to see the show so that we could share our experience with our readers. Photos in this post were provided by Norwich Theatre.

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About The Birds and the Bees

For the first time, Norwich Theatre has co-produced a show with New Wolsey Theatre Ipswich, Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds and John Stalker Productions. The Birds and the Bees is based on Mark Crawford’s book, and adapted by James McDermott, who is one of the writers of East Enders and also wrote Robin Good and Tide and Time.

While the book is set in Canada, the play takes place in North Norfolk, just outside of Cromer, so expect plenty of Norfolk humour! It tells the story of Sarah, a turkey farmer, just after her marriage has fallen apart. She goes to stay with her mother, Gail, who is a beekeeper, who still hadn’t moved on from her divorce.

The Birds and the Bees Review

The Birds and the Bees is entertaining, heartwarming, and hilarious. It was nice to see an optimistic view on love later in life and a reminder that second chances do happen.

The story is relatable but not exactly what you might expect. The relationship between Sarah and her mum is definitely not perfect, but we are able to laugh about it.

sarah points to her mum Gail as she explains things
The relationship between Gail and Sarah was central to the story of The Birds and the Bees at Norwich Playhouse

The ensemble cast was fantastic. Louise Gold (Gail), Laura Doddington (Sarah), Richard McIver (Ben), and Siôn Tudor Owen (Earl) make a great comedic team.

All four are experienced stage actors, and three of them have tv credits, and one (Siôn Tudor Owen) also has film credits and his own production company. Siôn Tudor Owen may have stolen the show with his unexpected dance moves.

Earl whispers in Gail's ears in The Birds and the Bees at Norwich Playhouse
It wasn’t exactly sweet nothings that Earl whispered to Gail.

The music was fun too. When they needed to make adjustments to the set, the stage went dark and they would play tunes like “I gotta feeling” by the Blackeyed Peas and “Love will Tear Us Apart” by Joy Division.

Sarah and Ben dancing in The Birds and the Bees at Norwich Playhouse
Sarah and Ben danced together at one point.

It almost felt more like we were binge-watching an American sitcom on Netflix than watching a theatre production. There were countless laughs, a few twists and turns, but in the end it was heart-warming.

The Birds and the Bees is perfect for a date night or friends night out. You will laugh, move along with the music, and leave the theatre with a smile.

Ben dressed in a beekeepers outfit and sarah in her dressing gown
Things got off to an awkward start with Ben and Sarah but that just made for more laughs.

The Birds and the Bees FAQs

When can you see The Birds and the Bees at Norwich Playhouse?

It is on from 20 to 30 April 2022.

How much are tickets for The Birds and the Bees?

Tickets are £22 or £16.50 for students (plus a transaction fee). You can get 2 for 1 tickets if you use the discount code BUZZING. Book your tickets here.

How long is a performance of The Birds and the Bees?

The show is about 2.5 hours including a 20 minute interval.

Is The Birds and the Bees suitable for young kids?

No, the recommended age is 14 and up. The show contains occasional strong language, nudity, and blood.

Is food and drink available at the Norwich Playhouse?

There is a full bar at the Norwich Playhouse and they also have some snacks (like chocolate bars).

How do you get to the Norwich Playhouse?

Norwich Playhouse is located on St. Georges Street right by the River Wensum. It’s about a 15-minute walk from the Norwich Train Station.

Where do you park for the Norwich Playhouse?

If you are driving to the Norwich Playhouse, the closest car parks are St. Andrews and Monastery Court.

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