Where to Watch Eurovision in Norfolk

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Eurovision sign with the Ukrainian colours in the "v"

Are you ready to put on your sparkly sequin outfit, wave your country’s flag, and sing your heart out to the catchiest tunes of the year? If so, you’re in luck because the Eurovision Song Contest is just around the corner!

While the 2024 edition might be taking place in Malmö, there are many Norfolk venues hosting parties to watch the competition. So, grab your friends, warm up your vocal cords, and let’s explore the different places where you can enjoy this annual spectacle in Norfolk.

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What is Eurovision?

Eurovision is an annual international song competition that brings together countries from all over Europe (and some outside of Europe too!). Each country selects a performer or group to represent them, and they compete with an original song on a stage in front of a live audience and a panel of judges.

The song contest has been running for over six decades, and it’s known for its flashy performances, over-the-top costumes, and catchy tunes that get stuck in your head for weeks. Eurovision has a huge following worldwide, and it’s a chance for countries to showcase their unique music and culture, while also celebrating unity and diversity.

In 2024, the 68th Eurovision Grand Final takes place in Malmö, Sweden on Saturday 11 May.

Where to Watch Eurovision in Norfolk

Eurovision is one of the most highly anticipated and widely celebrated events of the year. Yes, you can watch it at home and have your own party, but there are several places you can go and watch it with fellow fans. Let me share some of the best Eurovision parties in Norwich.

Eurovision Final Party at Lollard’s Pit

Lollard’s Pit in Norwich is hosting a Eurovision party like they do every year. They will have Euro snacks, score sheets, and flags to wave, so you can fully immerse yourself in the fun. You won’t miss a beat with the live coverage and sound on the TV screens. Be sure to reserve your table in advance to secure the best views of the show! And as a special treat, you can get a free glass of Bucks Fizz when the UK entry takes the stage.

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Eurovision Watch Party at the Beeston Ploughshare

The excitement begins with Happy Hour from 16:00 to 18:00m. You will want to join in the sweepstake, where you’ll randomly select a country and have the chance to win a fabulous prize if your chosen nation wins. (£2.50 minimum donation and the winner gets a £25 voucher) And while dressing up is entirely optional, why not add an extra splash of glamour to the affair? Whether you come in full costume representing your favourite Eurovision act or simply don your fanciest attire, the more festive, the better!

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Eurovision night at Jolly Sailor’s in Brancaster Staithe

Join in the fun at the Eurovision Party at The Jolly Sailors! Watch the show while enjoying Eurovision inspired cocktails. Make sure to reserve your table in advance to ensure you don’t miss out on the fun.

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Eurovision Song Contest Evening at Aldborough Community Centre – CANCELLED

Watch the live broadcast of the 2024 Eurovision Contest on a big screen at Aldborough Community Centre! You can enjoy European sharing platters, delicious cocktails, and exciting prizes. Tickets are priced at only £10 each, which includes the cost of food. You can purchase your tickets at Aldborough Post Office or online.

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Watch the Eurovision Song Contest at Rivergarden – TBC

You can watch the final at the Rivergarden, a riverside pub in Norwich. They will have a tacky and silly Eurovision quiz along with Lorna’s special Euro cakes.

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