Cocktail Bars in Norwich

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If you’re ready to spice up your nights in Norwich, you will want to check out one (or more) of the amazing cocktail bars in the city. Think about it: great company, cool vibes, and drinks that are basically artworks. Intrigued? You should be!

We’re about to embark on a journey through Norwich’s cocktail scene – from timeless classics that never get old to experimental mixes that’ll blow your mind. Whether it’s a romantic date night or a hangout with your squad, these bars set the stage for an epic time.

Ready to paint the town red? Stick with us as we spill the tea on Norwich’s best cocktail bars.

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Cocktails Bars in Norwich

Cocktail bars aren’t just about drinks – they’re about unleashing your inner bon vivant, one sip at a time. Imagine a place where mixology is a full-blown art, where the atmosphere begs you to unwind and have a blast. Here in Norwich these are the cocktail bars that you want to check out.

Rooftop Gardens

Address: The Union Building, 51-59 Rose Ln, NR1 1BY

Nestled on the top floor of The Union Building on Rose Lane, Rooftop Gardens is a true Norwich treasure. It’s worth visiting just for the 360-degree panoramic view of the city’s most famous landmarks, including the Cathedral, Castle, and Carrow Road.

From the outside you see the the 1970s Brutalist architecture of the former Aviva building, home to a bustling office space during the day. Inside the Rooftop Garden you find a stylish, classy place to relax. Watching the sunset over the city from this vantage point is an unforgettable experience, making it perfect for a romantic date night or a casual evening with friends.

Rooftop Gardens prides itself on its menu, which features locally sourced ingredients with a modern twist. Whether you’re in the mood for a full meal or just some delectable snacks to accompany your cocktails, you won’t be disappointed. It’s also an excellent choice for a Sunday Roast.

If you’ve ever experienced the cosmopolitan vibes of rooftop bars in cities like New York or London, Rooftop Gardens will feel like a familiar haven. Their well-stocked bar ensures your favourite tipples are readily available.

Plus, the venue hosts popular events for special occasions, making it an excellent choice for celebrating Halloween, New Year’s Eve, or impressing out-of-town visitors. Access is convenient with secure parking nearby (Rose Lane Car Park), and the venue is fully accessible, thanks to a dedicated lift to the top floor.

Tipsy Jar

Address: 8 Redwell Street, NR2 4SN

What started as a cocktail delivery service in 2020 has evolved into Tipsy Jar, a charming cocktail bar in Norwich that opened its doors at the end of 2021. The name draws its inspiration from their tradition of serving their cocktails in jars, allowing you to personally add the finishing touches, give it a good shake, and pour yourself.

Tipsy Jar is all about the art of cocktail-making. Their cocktails are meticulously crafted by an in-house mixologist, using homemade syrups, house infusions, and a menu that changes with the seasons. They prioritize fresh and local ingredients, carefully paired with high-quality spirits, resulting in a menu that strikes the perfect balance of flavour and creativity.

In addition to their seasonal delights, Tipsy Jar offers a dedicated Espresso Martini page for coffee enthusiasts and a thoughtfully curated no/low alcohol section, ensuring a wide array of options for all tastes.

Their commitment to excellence has not gone unnoticed. In 2022, Tipsy Jar proudly secured the Muddy Stilettos Best Bar in Norfolk award, a testament to their dedication to delivering a unique and exceptional bar experience.

Every cocktail you enjoy from Tipsy Jar is a work of art, crafted fresh on the day by their skilled bartenders just before it’s served to your door or table. It’s a commitment to delivering a superior, personalized experience with every sip.

Chambers Cocktail Company

Address: 12-14 Wensum Street, NR3 1HY

At Chambers Cocktail Company, they’re all about the art of crafting cocktails with a little something special. Their signature cocktails focus on rich and complex flavours, highlighting homemade ingredients and the exceptional skills of their bartenders.

This cocktail bar is the brainchild of husband and wife team, Nick & Briony De’Ath, and Matt Saunders. With over 25 years of combined experience in the hospitality industry, they’ve built a reputation for great service and a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Whether you’re in the mood for a classic cocktail or something unique and tailored just for you, they have an extensive selection of spirits and a team of experienced bartenders to create the perfect drink.

But our love for all things alcoholic doesn’t stop at cocktails. They offer a rotating selection of beers and a wide variety of wines to satisfy every palate.

Chambers Cocktail Company can be your go-to place for an inviting and comfortable atmosphere near Tombland. You’ll want to return time and time again.

Mr. Postles

Address: 2 Upper King St, Norwich NR3 1HA

Mr Postles Apothecary is a one-of-a-kind establishment that challenges the status quo by daring to ask, “Why be normal?” This restaurant and cocktail bar takes guests on a journey where innovation and creativity have no limits.

Stepping inside, you’ll be transported back in time to the 1820s, where a laid-back atmosphere prevails. This timelessness allows guests to enjoy each moment, making the establishment a welcoming and comfortable place to spend time. On weekends, Mr Postles Apothecary sheds its daytime persona and transforms into a vibrant party spot, thanks to the tunes spun by resident DJs.

The culinary offerings at Mr Postles Apothecary are equally enchanting. The menu features traditional dishes straight from Mrs Postles’ kitchen, infused with a tantalizing European twist. Fresh ingredients and homemade creations are the hallmarks of the dining experience.

Throughout the week, you can take advantage of various food and drink specials to enhance your dining experience. From Wednesday to Saturday, enticing offers are there for the taking. Thursday, Friday, and Sunday are particularly special, with the fantastic deal of 2 cocktails for £12.

The charm of Mr Postles Apothecary lies in its inclusivity. Whether you’re drawn to the rustic 1820s-inspired decor, the British menu with European influences, or the unique signature cocktails, there’s something for everyone here. Additionally, with vegan and gluten-free menu options, diverse tastes and dietary preferences are fully catered to.

The bottomless brunch experience at Mr Postles’ Apothecary is also a delightful departure from the norm. Picture yourself indulging in bottomless glasses of crisp Italian Prosecco, perfectly paired with their new and improved homemade Mezze boards. Available in regular, vegetarian, and vegan versions, these Mezze boards promise a feast for the senses, making your brunch truly exceptional.


Address: 29 Bedford Street, NR2 1AG

The Wildman in the Norfolk Lanes is open seven days a week from 11:00 to midnight. It’s a place where reservations are not required—simply walk in, and the friendly Wildman family will take care of the rest.

As you step inside, you’re transported to a forest-inspired sanctuary, a botanical retreat that’s designed for all-day enjoyment. It’s a space where you can relax, sip, snack, and lose track of time.

At the heart of The Wildman’s allure is its carefully crafted cocktail menu, which features a range of innovative and delightful concoctions. You’ll also find a selection of great wines and delicious coffees to cater to diverse tastes, making it an easy place to while away the hours.

When evening falls, The Wildman comes alive with soulful music, offering the perfect backdrop for extended revelry that can stretch until midnight. The ambiance ensures that you’ll always feel welcome and comfortable, whether you’re there for a daytime escape or a night on the town.

To make the most of your visit, The Wildman offers a delightful happy hour daily between 14:00 and 20:00. During this time, you can enjoy their delectable cocktails or opt for any double gin and mixer, all for an attractive 2 for £12.

For sports enthusiasts, The Wildman is a paradise, with big screen TVs, a fully stocked bar, and a kitchen that can whip up favourite sports fan dishes. They also take pride in being a dog-friendly establishment, ensuring that your furry friends can join in the fun as well.

Gonzo’s Tea Room

Address: 68 London Street, NR2 1JT

Tucked away at the top of London Street, Gonzo’s Tea Room is a truly unique and beloved establishment in Norwich. It has evolved from its previous life as the ravecave Kartel into a versatile venue that has become a local treasure.

Gonzo’s Tea Room undergoes a fascinating transformation throughout the day. Mornings and afternoons are all about coffee, tea, and delightful cakes in a cosy and inviting atmosphere. As the evening unfolds, it morphs into a lively bar and lounge. It’s not uncommon to witness the furniture being cleared away to make room for a dance floor, keeping the party alive until the early hours of the morning.

Upstairs, you’ll discover “Gonzo’s Two Room,” a special venue that hosts a range of events. From comedy nights that will have you in stitches to performances by prominent dance artists across various genres, there’s always something exciting happening here.

What makes Gonzo’s Tea Room stand out is its quirky and eclectic atmosphere. The place exudes a unique and inviting ambiance that draws a diverse crowd. It’s a hub of activity, with people relishing great food and exceptional service.

Another reason Gonzo’s is popular is the food. Some claim they serve the best burgers in Norwich. It’s advisable to book a table in advance to secure your place in this lively spot.

11 & Social

Address: 9-11 Upper King St, NR3 1RB

In the heart of Norwich, a new star has emerged on the nightlife scene: 11th & Social. This cocktail bar, which opened its doors in 2023, has quickly become a top spot for those seeking a memorable night out in the city.

What sets 11th & Social apart is its commitment to the art of cocktail making. Their menu features a diverse range of seasonal and classic cocktails, each carefully crafted to be well-balanced and full of flavour. Whether you’re a fan of tried-and-true classics or prefer to explore the tastes of the season, you’re sure to find a cocktail that suits your palate.

At 11th & Social, the focus is not just on the drinks, but also on creating the perfect atmosphere. The bar is designed to offer good vibes, and the dedicated team is there to make your evening extraordinary. It’s the kind of place where you can enjoy great cocktails, exceptional service, and a soundtrack of bangin’ tunes that keeps the energy high.

From casual hangouts with friends to special celebrations, 11th & Social is a versatile venue that can accommodate any occasion. The New York-style ambiance, complete with exposed brick, vintage posters, and chic furniture, adds to the charm.

For those looking for a wallet-friendly way to kickstart their evening, 11th & Social offers an enticing happy hour. Running from 17:00 to 20:00 every day of the week, you can indulge in two of their delightful cocktails for just £12.00. It’s a fantastic way to enjoy top-notch cocktails without breaking the bank.

For bourbon enthusiasts, 11th & Social is a paradise. It boasts the largest selection of bourbon in the area, making it a go-to spot for those who appreciate this fine spirit. Whether you’re a seasoned bourbon connoisseur or just dipping your toes into the world of bourbon, the bar has something to offer.

The Drawing Rooms

Address: 23 Pottergate, NR2 1DS

Across from the popular Grosvenor Fish Bar in the historic Norwich Lanes, just off St Gregory’s Green, you can now find The Drawing Rooms. Housed in a building that once served as an architect’s office and also the Birdcage pub, you’ll discover subtle nods to its past life alongside a captivating burnt orange, pastel pink, and dark green colour scheme. This delightful bar opened its doors in 2022 and has been making waves ever since.

Drawing Rooms exudes an Art Deco-inspired aesthetic that sets the stage for a memorable experience. It’s a vibrant space where creativity and relaxation come together. The cocktail menu is both playful and inventive, making it the perfect choice for mid-week catch-ups or weekend party vibes. And as the drinks flow, a classic Old School R’n’B soundtrack keeps the energy alive.

From your first step through the door, you’ll be greeted by bartenders who are ready and waiting to craft the perfect cocktail for you. But that’s not all they’re good at; they also whip up a superb cup of coffee. They open their doors at 11:00 and keep the good times rolling until midnight every day.

The Drawing Rooms is a relaxed and inviting venue. No reservations are needed, so feel free to drop by whenever you’re in the mood for a fantastic drink and a great time. And here’s a little secret: From 16:00 to 20:00, you can enjoy two cocktails for just £12, making it even more tempting to indulge in their delicious concoctions.

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