11 Sunflower Fields in Norfolk

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As summer casts its golden glow over the picturesque landscapes of Norfolk, nature unveils one of its most captivating spectacles: sunflower fields in full bloom. In addition to being pretty, these “happy” flowers are good for the environment as they provide food for birds and attract a variety of insects.

You can visit these picturesque fields to get up close to these special flowers, capturing that perfect Instagram-worthy shot and even picking your own blooms. However, finding the right locations and timing is key to make the most of this enchanting experience.

Let me share more details about the sunflower fields in Norfolk so that you can plan a visit.

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Sunflower Fields in Norfolk

Norfolk has several sunflower fields to visit but you might not have noticed because the blooms don’t last long. The precise opening days are dependent on weather conditions, but typically happen toward the end of summer. Be sure you check social media for the places you plan on visiting to get the latest information.

Now, join us on a journey through Norfolk’s sunflower fields, where you can pick your own and capture awe-inspiring photos. Discover the best locations, tips for an unforgettable experience, and the chance to create lasting memories. Norfolk’s sunflower fields await, inviting you to revel in their radiant beauty.

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#1 Westgate Farm

Postcode: NR22 6DY

Nestled near the charming village of Walsingham, lies the cherished Westgate Farm, a beloved sanctuary for Michael, Sophie, their son Wilfie, and their dogs. Michael, the proud steward of the farm’s 350 acres, carries on the family legacy, while Sophie, hailing from London with a marketing background, adds her own touch of magic.

For just over two weeks, a remarkable transformation takes place across 20 acres of the farm, as vibrant sunflowers burst into a kaleidoscope of colour. This breathtaking spectacle invites visitors to immerse themselves in nature’s beauty and indulge in the intoxicating fragrance that fills the air. Westgate Farm welcomes guests seven days a week, providing an opportunity to pick your own sunflowers.

Get more information here.

#2 Crown Point Estate

Postcode: NR14 7DU

Experience a slice of sunflower paradise at Crown Point Estate! For a limited time each August, their 8-acre sunflower fields open for you to enjoy just a short 10-minute drive from Norwich city centre.

Crown Point Estate offers more than just the blooms. They have face painting, and you can take home a sunflower stem or two as a memento. Throughout the grounds, you’ll find numerous photo opportunities. Parking is free and they have on-site toilet facilities for your comfort.

You are encouraged to bring your picnic blankets and take pleasure in a leisurely picnic amidst the sunflowers. Please note that, regrettably, they are unable to accommodate dogs in the fields this year.

Find out more here.

#3 Wroxham Barns

Postcode: NR12 8QU

In 2022, Wroxham Barns, unveiled a magnificent 2-acre sunflower meadow where visitors could revel in the beauty of these radiant blooms. It was fun for picture enthusiasts to capture stunning shots amidst the sunflowers, and those who wanted to bring a piece of the experience home could purchase sunflower stems. This year, the sunflower meadow will once again grace Wroxham Barns for a few weeks in August, although the exact dates have yet to be confirmed.

Beyond the sunflower extravaganza at Wroxham Barns, you can visit the Junior Farm & Fun Park. With your ticket, you gain access to the Junior Farm, where you can engage with the animals and enjoy hands-on animal encounters. Additionally, unlimited play at the Fun Park awaits, offering a range of rides, bouncy pillows, 18-hole mini golf, and much more to entertain both the young and the young at heart.

During the summer months, there is also a Maize Maze, the Summer Festival Garden, and daily foam parties. You will be able to unleash your creativity in the brand-new Creation Station too.

Get more information here.

#4 White House Farm

Postcode: NR13 6LB

White House Farm, located in Norwich, is another delightful destination where you can immerse yourself in the joy of picking your own sunflowers. Experience the beauty of the fields and pay only for what you cut, with free entry to the farm. Don’t forget to bring your own snips and camera.

However, White House Farm is more than just a place to pick sunflowers. The beautiful café provides a charming setting with indoor and outdoor seating, serving up an array of delectable home-baked goods and a delightful selection of local products. Make sure to take a moment to explore the variety of local businesses that call the farm home, showcasing the vibrant spirit of the community.

At White House Farm, dogs are welcome, so you can bring your furry friends along to share in the fun.

Get more information here.

#5 Ha Ha Farm

Postcode: NR13 4AH

Nestled amidst the woodlands of Norfolk, Ha Ha Farm stands as a captivating and laid-back venue on a working farm. Tom and Jo, the proud owners of Ha Ha Farm, also oversee other beloved sites such as Hickling Campsite, Canal Camping, Thornage Campsite, and Bridge Cottage in Reedham.

The name “Ha Ha Farm” pays homage to the 18th-century landscape design element called “ha-ha,” which creates a recessed barrier, often used for grazing livestock, while giving the illusion of an unbroken rolling lawn. Its magical and unique setting offers a tranquil escape, conveniently located just 8 miles from Norwich, right off the A47.

In 2023, Ha Ha Farm is introducing their very first pop-up sunflower patch. With free entry, you only need to pay for each sunflower stem you wish to take home. Dogs on leads are more than welcome, ensuring that the entire family can join in the sunflower fun.

You will also want to mark your calendar to visit Ha Ha Farm for the pumpkin patch in autumn and the food festival held in July.

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#6 Delamore’s

Postcode: PE34 4PN

This year, for the first time, Delamore’s is thrilled to offer an enchanting ‘pick your own’ experience. Get ready to enjoy a stunning display of over 45,000 sunflowers, wildflowers, and sweetcorn. You can choose your very own sunflowers to take home and brighten your space, but you will need to bring your own secateurs.

This event is dog-friendly, so all well-behaved dogs are more than welcome, but they need to be kept on a lead at all times. Also, please be mindful of uneven surfaces on the farm and wear suitable footwear to ensure your comfort and safety.

Entry is free, and you only pay for what you pick. There is free onsite parking is available for your convenience.

Get all the details here.

#7 A G Meale & Sons

Postcode: NR12 9LJ

Discover the sunflower paradise at A G Meale & Sons (also one of our favourite places for PYO strawberries in Norfolk)! Spread across a vast 2.5 acres, their stunning pick-your-own sunflower field awaits your visit. Open daily throughout the sunflower bloom, this enchanting experience promises a vibrant escape into nature.

Capture picture-perfect moments atop the viewing platform, designed for those Instagram-worthy photos that will light up your feed. And if you’re looking to immerse yourself completely, a designated cut path allows you to stroll through the sunflower-filled landscape, surrounded by the golden splendor.

A G Meale & Sons warmly welcomes well-behaved dogs on leads, so your four-legged companions can join in the sunflower fun too. You should also share your sunflower selfies, and you might just find yourself featured on the A G Meale & Sons website or social media platforms.

Find out more here.

#8 Sunnies Sunflower Field

Postcode: NR25 7LG

Welcome to Sunnies Sunflower Field, a family-run haven of radiant blooms and joyful experiences near Holt. They are only opening for the August Bank holiday weekend for a sunflower adventure like no other.

Discover the delight of picking your own sunflowers, and don’t forget to bring your own secateurs for a seamless experience. Capture the magic with a photoshoot amidst the vibrant blooms, preserving these special moments forever. Enjoy the simple pleasure of bringing your own picnic, basking in the beauty of nature as you relish your favourite treats.

No summer outing is complete without a taste of local indulgence. Treat yourself to a delectable local ice cream, the perfect companion to your sunflower-filled day.

There is a small admission charge and will you have to pay for the sunflowers you pick, but that money directly supports the preservation of our eco farm’s environment. Children under 12 enjoy free admission, fostering an inclusive atmosphere where families can come together to enjoy the wonders of nature.

Get more information here.

#9 Rookery Meadows

Postcode: NR17 1LB

Rookery Meadows hosts a few enchanting nights of summer bliss with their highly anticipated event, ‘Music in the Meadow.’ While everyone hopes that the sunflowers will time their blooms for the events, unfortunately there are no guarantees.

While the availability of sunflowers for photos may vary, rest assured that Rookery Meadows has curated an experience filled with delightful moments and cherished memories. Expect a lively atmosphere filled with mouthwatering delights as each evening presents different food vendors, bands, and plenty of drink options.

Rookery Meadows has thoughtfully designed this event for the entire family, offering a variety of activities to ensure everyone’s enjoyment. The kids can have fun with face painting and bounce with delight on the bouncy castles.

Get more information here.

#10 Hillfield Nursery

Postcode:NR14 6PA

Nestled in the tranquil Norfolk countryside, Hillfield Nursery is a haven for plant enthusiasts, offering a truly unique and remarkable destination. Here, you’ll discover a captivating array of botanical wonders, from charming bedding plants to majestic shrubs and trees that possess the power to transform any outdoor space into a magnificent garden.

As you explore the nursery, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the delightful farm shop, a veritable treasure trove of local and homemade products. From artisanal delights to regional delicacies, the shop boasts an alluring selection that perfectly complements your Hillfield experience. To find Hillfield Nursery, simply follow the scenic path down a quaint lane off the B1136, situated between Hales and Haddiscoe.

While at Hillfield, you can also partake in the special experience of picking sunflowers. These sunflowers are primarily grown for their wildlife value, but a few are cultivated for cut flowers. The best part is that you only pay for the sunflowers you pick, making it a wonderful and engaging activity to enjoy during your visit. Do remember to bring your own secateurs!

Get more information here.

#11 Grange Farm

Postcode: IP26 4JN

Grange Farm, nestled along the Norfolk and Suffolk border, invites you to discover the enchantment of their PYO Sunflower Field and Sunflower Maze. Entry to the sunflower field and maze is free, and you simply pay in cash for the sunflowers you choose to take home. The entire path is open for flower-picking, ensuring you have the freedom to find the perfect blossoms.

In 2022, the sunflower maze took on the shape of a bee and the honesty box raised funds for the DEC Ukraine appeal. To make the evenings even more special, select nights featured Shefs Caterers serving delicious brick oven pizzas, with gluten-free and vegan options available. Takeaway or find a picturesque spot on the bank, overlooking the sunflower field, and enjoy your meal amidst the stunning surroundings.

This year they have introduced special sunflower-themed workshops. You can make a sunflower wreath, sunflower crown, or participate in an adult and child flower workshop. Space is limited so you should phone ahead and book your spot.

Well-behaved dogs on leads are warmly welcomed, allowing the whole family to join in the sunflower adventure. Please note that under 16s must be supervised while at the farm. Remember to bring your own secateurs (like these).

Get more information here.

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