How to Get to Norwich From London

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It actually pretty easy to travel from London to Norwich. You have several different options, so something to fit all preferences and budgets. Let’s take a look at the possibilities then you can choose how to get to Norwich from London.

Covid-19 Note: Facial coverings are required on all trains and buses.

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How Far is it from London to Norwich?

Norwich is located in the East of England in the county of Norfolk. The cities are located about 100 miles apart. I recommend allowing at least two hours to travel between the two.

*Learn some fun facts about Norwich before you visit.

How to Get to Norwich from London

You can either take the train, bus, or drive from London to Norwich. Let’s take a closer look at each of the options.


Greater Anglia provides direct train service between London and Norwich. Most trains take about two hours although time will vary depending on the number of stops. The fastest option only takes 90 minutes. Check the schedule here for details.

Most people will find the standard seats comfortable, but if you want to splurge, you can choose to travel in First Class. First class is usually at located at the front or back of the train, and in addition to bigger seats, the ticket includes tea, coffee, and biscuits.

The price also varies depending on the type of ticket and the time. Always buy your ticket before getting on the train or you will have to pay a penalty fare.

Book your train ticket to Norwich here.

Estimated Cost

Starts at £10 one way. To get a low fare like this, you need to book in advance and choose an off-peak train. Most times you will end up paying significantly more.


  • Fast
  • Comfortable
  • You can do other things (i.e. read, watch shows) on the ride. Some seats have tables that give you more space to work.
  • Most trains have a snack bar or cart.
  • Can splurge and get a first-class ticket


  • Can be expensive if you don’t book in advance or want to travel on peak trains.
  • May be limited by schedule.
  • Won’t have a car to explore more rural areas in Norfolk.


National Express provides bus service from the Norwich City Bus Terminal to Stratford and Victoria Stations in London. It does take longer than the train but it can save money. Check the bus schedule here.

Estimated Cost

Starts at £8.80 one-way + a £1 booking fee. While the starting price is similar to the train, you are more likely to be able to book at this price and it does not increase as much if you wait until the last minute to book.

Book your bus ticket to Norwich here.


  • Cheapest alternative
  • Comfortable (I think the seats on the bus are nicer than those on the train.)
  • Have the option to arrive at Stratford or Victoria Stations


  • Takes longer
  • Can be affected by traffic
  • Not as frequent as trains
  • Won’t have a car to explore more rural areas in Norfolk.


It’s not a bad drive from London to Norwich as it’s all dual carriageway. Traffic can be bad so avoid peak driving times if possible.

Even if you don’t own a car this may be your best option if you want to explore some of the more remote areas in Norfolk. These areas are not well connected with public transportation so it’s best to have a car.

Use Google Maps or Waze to get customized directions from your starting point in London to your destination in Norwich. Most people will:

  1. Head to the North Circular
  2. Go onto the M11
  3. Take the A11
  4. Go onto the A47
  5. Exit onto the A146
  6. Follow signs to the Norwich City Centre

Estimated Cost

Varies based if you need to hire a car, the price of petrol, and the fuel effeciency of your vehicle.


  • Can be flexible, not stuck to timetable
  • Will have the car to easily explore more rural areas of Norfolk


  • Someone has to drive
  • Parking in Norwich is limited in areas. It might be easier (and cheaper) to use one of the Park and Rides if you plan on just being in the city centre.

What is the best way to get to Norwich from London?

If you can plan ahead and get your tickets early, the train is the best option. When you have a tight budget, it might be best to take the bus. Those that plan on exploring more of Norfolk than just Norwich, may want to drive so that they have a car during their stay.

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